All Houston Elite Cheer coaches are very knowledgeable, enthusiac and love working with kids of all ages.  Each coach sets their own private lesson schedule, so if you are interested in private lessons, call/TEXT the coach directly or call the HEC (713) 464-1445 to see which coach best suits your needs since some coaches specialize in certain areas of cheerleading, gymnastics and tumbling.  If you want to train with the best, Houston Elite Cheer is THE place to be. 

Staff - 1 to 10 of 10


Dana Biggers, Owner & CEO/Private Lesson Specialist

Dana Biggers is the owner and CEO of Houston Elite Cheer. Dana has been involved in gymnastics and cheerleading her entire life. In her early childhood, she was a competitive gymnast under the direction of Gary Daw at Universal Gymnastics and competed as a level 8 optional gymnast.  

She then switched over to cheerleading in sixth grade and fell in love with the sport. She cheered at Trinity Episcopal School and Ball High School in Galveston. She was a NCA All-American and UCA All-Star cheerleader throughout these years.  

For college, she attended Sam Houston State University where she cheered, competed and then transferred to the University of Houston and was awarded NCA All-American at the collegiate level. Dana cheered on the very first NATIONAL CHAMPION winning team at the University of Houston in 2001 under the direction of Sean Garland. As captain her senior year, she led her team to victory and earned her first NCA National Champion collegiate title. She graduated with a degree in Political Science and Spanish. Dana has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for over 19 years.  

Dana is an incredible "game day" cheerleader! She loves to help prepare athletes for their school cheer tryouts but books up extremely fast. For the last four years an average of 97% of the "Dana Girls" that trained with her on a weekly basis made the squad at their school. She is extremely talented in all aspects of cheerleading and tumbling. So if you are interested in junior high, high school or college cheerleading, she is THE one you need to see.  

Fun fact  --->  Dana is fluent in Spanish and has also attended law school. She is scared of clowns and is afraid to drive in the rain. Dana is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc and has a son named Parker and a daughter named RyLee.

(832) 725-3838


Mitchel "Mitch" Schlichting, Senior Tumbling Coach/Private Lessons Specialist

Mitchel "Mitch" Schlichting  has been in the cheerleading arena for six years and has been coaching for seven years.  He started his cheer career on a Level 4 competitive team at The Pride of Texas and cheered there for three years.  After graduating from Bellaire High School, he coached tumbling classes, competitive and recreational cheer teams and taught private lessons to athletes 5-18 years of age.  Mitch also competed on Texas Lonestar Cheer Company's Level 6 team.  In 2013, he competed with Champion Cheer as a Level 6 athlete in Dallas.  Mitch competed at Worlds in 2013, and his team was awarded 4th place. He also competed at NCA in 2013 and 2015 as a Level 6 athlete.

Mitch will be returning to the University of Houston in the fall where he cheered on the co-ed squad for two years. GO COOGS!!!  He is a great coach and loves teaching kids of all ages how to tumble.

Fun fact  ---> Mitchel use to be a MLG PRO (Major League Gaming Professional) and has a son named Braxton.

(832) 524-1133


Lakeyn Johnson, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Lakeyn Johnson has been cheering for 15 years. Doing both competitive cheer and school cheer, Lakeyn first started her cheering career at Westside Cheer Academy at 8 years old where she won two jump competitions. She then went on to cheer at Cheer Nation (now Prodigy) on a level 5 team and competed at NCA for three years. Lakeyn also cheered at Morton Ranch High School on the varsity cheer team where she served as cheer captain for two years, winning the UCA summer camp jump competition for three years in a row, as well as being recognized as an All American cheerleader for UCA for three consecutive years. Lakeyn enjoyed cheering and perfected many different elite skills throughout her cheer career.
After High School Lakeyn went to Louisiana State University and recently transferred to the University of Houston majoring in Nutrition. She loves kids and is now dedicated to teaching kids her same passion for cheerleading. She enjoys watching kids learn, grow and wants them to enjoy the sport just as much as she does.
Fun fact  ---> Lakeyn loves LSU football Geaux Tigers! 


Jacinto "Hoss" Rodriguez, Senior Tumbling Coach/Choreographer

Jacinto Rodriguez III, known to many as Hoss, has worked in the cheer/ dance industry for the past 20 years.

Hoss worked as a NCA staff instructor 2002-2004. He won an NCA Collegiate National Championship in 2003 with Navarro Junior College, and has even taken his talents to the "Big Screen" dancing on the movie sets of "Bring It On 4: In It To Win It", and the hit number one movie "Pitch perfect 2" as a featured "Treble Maker". Hoss also played the role of "Jorge" on the USA network tv show "Queen of the South", and is also a series regular on the Oprah Winfrey Network tv drama "Queen Sugar" playing the role of "Ygnacio". Recently Hoss choreographed the new cheerleading tv drama “Trophies” coming soon, and will be playing a co star role on the up coming film “Stillwater” starring Matt Damon.

Hoss has created high energy routines for programs all over the U.S., Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, and has spoken as a  Master Choreographer at the Cheer Masters Conference in Bogotá, Colombia.
He lives by the motto:

"Dreams are meant to come true so go and pursue; Never give up the dream! You can make it happen!"

Fun fact ---> Hoss has worked and created high energy routines for programs all over the U.S. as well as taught master dance workshops internationally. 

 (832) 922-3337


Michael Smith, Tumbling Coach

Michael Smith has been apart of the cheer world for 7 years. He has competed 5 years all-star with The Pride of Texas and 2 years collegiate at Tyler Junior College. Attending both all level worlds and UCA national collegiate competition. Michael’s coaching career started with The Pride of Texas and moved to Adrenaline Allstars. Michael is a super fun coach and loves working with kids to help exceed their tumbling goals.

Fun fact —> Punch fronts were the very first skill he learned as a beginner athlete.

(713) 295-9222


Helena Weathersby, Cheer/Senior Tumbling Coach

Helena has been cheering and tumbling for 14 years beginning when she was 9 years old.  From the very beginning, she developed a great passion for cheerleading.  Throughout her years. Helena has acquired and mastered both running and standing tumbling skills up to a double full and standing full,  perfected her jump technique, learned how to be an effective base as well as a flyer, and perfected her motion technique and sharpness in order to make herself the best overall cheerleader possible.  She cheered and competed with two teams. First Storm All Stars (now called Apex) and then Texas Lonestar Cheer Company where she would complete her senior year of all star cheerleading before graduating and attending the University of Houston. Although she is no longer cheering at “Texas Lonestar Cheer Company,” she is participating on their international, all age, competition team.  In doing this, she can pass on all the skills that made her such a great cheerleader to other young and eager athletes while also gaining new knowledge for herself in order to be the most effective coach possible.

Helena graduated with a major in Kinesiology from the University of Houston where she also cheered and was named captain for her 3rd year as a cheerleader.  After a great 3rd year, Helena was overjoyed to receive the MVP award as captain for all of her leadership contributions. Even after 14 years of such an amazing sport, Helena continues to do something she loves!

Fun fact  --->  Her favorite type of music is classic rock.

(713) 545-2497


Grace Barfield, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Grace is one of our newest staff members and has been involved in cheerleading since she was 7 years old. She began with tumbling classes and then moved on to compete at Biron Elite Cheer. As she improved through the years, her goal was to become a Stratford cheerleader. She was super honored to make varsity as a sophomore and is looking forward to her second year as a SHS cheerleader!

She is eager to improve her skills, works hard, and is always willing to try new things.
She has her standing back and is currently working on her full. One of Grace’s favorite things about cheering is being a flyer. She is also constantly working to improve her jumps and technique.

Grace finds so much joy working with kids and loves sharing her love of cheer with them.

Fun Fact —-> Grace’s most memorable trip was to Africa where she spent her days teaching and loving on children.

(713) 553-4033


Lilli Davis, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Meet Lilli Davis, Memorial Cheerleading Varsity Junior Captain. Lilli has always had a passion for cheerleading. She started tumbling around the age of 10. She then did one year of competitive cheerleading, but then realized she was very passionate about game day cheerleading. She cheered 7th and 8th grade at her school in Georgia, then when she moved to Texas she knew she wanted to cheer at Memorial and she had a goal to make varsity her first year, which she achieved. She loves working with children and teaching her passion to other girls!

Fun fact ---> Lilli lived in Georgia until her 9th grade year. Lilli based girls bigger than her, her first year on MHS cheer and is now one of the top flyers on her team.

(678) 848-1108


Makenzie Schellberg, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Makenzie started tumbling at the the age of 7 at Westwood Gymnastics and started going to Houston Elite Cheer at 11. She fell in love with tumbling and just kept pushing herself to do her best and get the skills she wanted. She is a cheerleader on the JV team at Memorial High School. Makenzie also spends many days at the gym doing privates and classes to perfect her skills for

Makenzie likes to help young athletes accomplish skills that they have been working on. Makenzie loves seeing all the young athletes in the gym loving the sport she loves so much. Having 5 siblings Makenzie has learned to have patience and have a positive attitude to complete everything she does cause people are always looking up at older people and learning from them.

Fun Fact ---> Makenzie loves to go scuba diving but is deathly afraid of sharks.

(832) 918-7511


Addie Hillman, Tumbling/Cheer Coach

Addie is one of our newest staff members and has been involved with cheerleading/tumbling for about 9 years. She became involved with gymnastics at a very young age, and participated in classes at Biron Gymnastics for 3 years. Addie found her love for cheerleading when she became a competitive cheerleader at Biron Elite Cheer in the 4th grade. She competed at level 4 and participated in various competitions like NCA and Summit. Going into sophomore year, she made Stratford Varsity Cheer and is now going into her 2nd year on the team as she’s headed into junior year.

She has obtained tumbling skills up to a full and standing back and has been able to improve her jump technique throughout the years. Addie has trained hard on basing, jumps and technique. She loves working with kids of all ages and hopes to pass on her passion for cheerleading/tumbling.

Fun fact —> Addie has 2 dogs named Bucky and Spike, neither named by her choice. She has a deathly fear of sharks!

(713) 297-1412