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icon05/11/2022 - It's season 9 at HEC!

To register for HEC activities, please visit our CUSTOMER PORTAL


Ages:  3 - 13 years old

Houston Elite Cheer's Summer Camp is the place to be! Each week is jam packed with fun activities such as obstacle courses, crafts, games, instructional time (Cheer & Tumbling) and last but not least, theme day and water day! This is a camp you will not want to miss. It is the perfect opportunity for your kid to have fun while being active.





We offer:

"Full Days" 9:00am-4:00pm

"Morning Half Days" 9:00am-12:30pm

"Afternoon Half Days" 12:30pm-4:00pm

To register visit our customer portal 

Registration Fee is $50 for non-members. THERE IS A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT TO SECURE YOUR SPOT.




Don't see a class that fits your schedule? No problem! Want to create a PRIVATE CLASS time exclusive to you and your buddies? We offer just that! Send us an email, or come by the gym to see if we have the availability to open up a class that best suits your needs. Our goal is to accommodate as many people with a shared interest as possible. We want to make your life easier! Please email us at so we can put you on the waiting list.  All you need is four athletes to start your very own class, ANY time, ANY day!  Email us IMMEDIATELY! WE LOVE TO ACCOMMODATE OUR CLIENTS' SCHEDULES!


We offer PRIVATE LESSONS and semi PRIVATE LESSONS for athletes who are struggling on a certain skill or simply want to advance at a quicker pace. HEC has an amazing team of coaches that can teach techniques specifically for jumps, motions, tumbling, spiriting, dance, strength and conditioning, flexibility and overall personal training.  PRIVATE LESSONS are limited to 3 athletes.  Each coach sets his/her own PRIVATE LESSON schedule and rates.  PRIVATE LESSON athletes must pay HEC a registration fee the first lesson.  This registration fee is renewed in January.  A gym fee must also be paid per athlete for each lesson.  Call the gym at (713) 464-1445, or contact the coaches directly to schedule lessons.  Contact information for each HEC coach is located on the "Staff" page on our website. Gym fees per athlete are as follows:



*Ages 18 months and up*
*Classes are Monday through Friday
---> Athlete to coach ratio is 6 to 1 or LESS <---
Trial classes are available, but MUST schedule on IClassPro

We offer TUMBLING CLASSES for beginners with no experience to advanced athletes.

Want to see what classes we have to offer? Take a look at our "Class Schedule". If you do not see a class on our class schedule that accommodates you, just inform us via email, and we will consider opening a class that accommodates your schedule as long as it satisfies the minimum number of students to start a class or take a look at our Private Classes.

Whether you are a seasoned, advanced athlete or a newbie, Houston Elite Cheer is THE place to be!


If you have any questions, please call (713) 464-1445, or email us at 


Level Up is a class designed for all athletes ages 6 and up, all levels are welcome during this hour long class. You will get a skill/level tailored workout with trained HEC coaches who have what it takes to guarantee progress no matter what level you are. This class is convenient for busy schedules: if you have athletes or siblings that are different levels or a best friend you are dying to tumble with, this class is a perfect fit to accommodate both athletes and parents who have busy schedules and don’t want to make extra trips to multiple class. Knock it all out in here and just watch how you LEVEL UP!


Itty Bitties class is designed for cuties starting at 18 months old to 3 years old. This class is an engaging way to grow and practice your little one’s independence. In this 45-minute class, your child will work on developing their gross motor skills, sensory skills, jumping, balancing and listening skills. We even teach Itty Bitties about their colors, numbers and letters while transitioning through their class. ALSO, we can't forget to mention the best part...Parents get a break!


Bring the little ones and join us for fun-filled activities designed to advance gross motor skills, body awareness, and progress tumbling skills. Our 3-5 year olds learn basic body positions essential to tumbling, forward and backwards rolls, bridges, handstands and cartwheels. They even get tumble track time to master basic body position jumps. This is a class you will not want to miss! 


If your squad wants to be "game day ready" and dominate the sideline, SCHOOL SQUAD TRAINING is a service that we offer Monday through Sunday at a prearranged time frame at HEC or at your school.  Choreography is offered separately, and the cost is based upon the needs of the squad.  

HEC offers SCHOOL SQUAD TRAINING camps and clinics at HEC or at your facility.  SCHOOL SQUAD TRAINING may include summer cheer camp preparation, tumbling classes, stunt clinics, pep rally/game day routines, competition routines, strength and conditioning workouts, flexibility training and other skills as requested.  

Arrangements can be made for a one-time training session, short-term or long-term training. Bring it on! Let Houston Elite Cheer teach you how to own that sideline!

For more information, call or text Dana directly or the gym at (713) 464-1445, email us at or stop by the gym.


*Ages 6-10 years old

No experience needed

MANDATORY: Athletes must wear a PINK bow

This class will highlight all the areas of cheerleading including: Jumps, motion technique, spiriting, dance, stunting, strength and conditioning, facial expression, minimal unassisted tumbling and charisma.  Athletes will learn chants, cheers and dances.  This class is designed to give our athletes an overall feel of the sport, so they know exactly what to expect should they decide to pursue this sport in the future.  

The "BRING IT" class is similar but different from our Game Day class. In our "BRING IT" class, we want to get a head start on perfecting the skills necessary to one day outshine their competition, dominate the sideline, shine on the stage, rule the floor and/or make your school's squad. If you think you have what it takes, BRING IT!!!

HEC will give you a complete overview of the sport and show you how real cheerleading is done!  Start now!  The bar is being raised throughout Houston, surrounding schools and colleges.  Competition is getting harder and harder, so don't wait until the last minute!

Sign up today because space is limited! The "BRING IT" class, unlike our other classes, will fill up faster because we are only offering ONE class time, and once we meet our targeted ratio, we will close enrollment.


*All ages 10 and up

Interested in trying out for school cheer?  Just take a look at this line-up of activities included in the GAME DAY class: Jumps, motion technique, chants, spiriting, flexibility, conditioning, minimal stunting and minimal unassisted tumbling. Wow! 

Athletes who are serious about making their school's squad will no doubt want to sign up for this tryout preparation class. Current cheerleaders who have to tryout in the spring are highly encouraged to attend this tryout preparation class.  

As cheerleading tryouts approach, athletes will learn how to maximize the scoresheet and "wow" the judges.  Tips and the "do's and don'ts" of the tryout process will be discussed in detail along with each school's specific requirements.  Athletes will be given instruction on how to do their entrance. The GAME DAY class is highly recommended and offers information that is pertinent for a successful cheerleading tryout.

Do not wait until cheer season to sign up!  To be fully prepared for tryouts, you have to work hard and be consistent with your training and dedicate a substantial amount of time in preparation for cheer tryouts.  The closer tryouts get the more prospective cheerleaders appear.  SIGN UP NOW! The GAME DAY class, unlike the others will fill up faster because we want smaller ratios so that we can give individualized attention to the athletes.  Sign up today because space is limited, and we want you to be fully prepared by training in the GAME DAY class as long as possible before the big day.  

The GAME DAY class is instructed by qualified instructors and game day experts with tons of years cheerleading experience. They know exactly what judges look for. Enroll TODAY! 


*S P A C E     I S     L I M I T E D*

*All ages are welcome

Beginner to Elite Level

Monday 7:00 - 8:00 pm

The "#1 STUNTER" class is designed to teach beginner to elite level athletes how to STUNT, learn new STUNTS and improve and perfect STUNTING skills they already have. You do not have to be on a cheer squad or have any prior experience to enroll. Athletes may practice all-girl STUNTING, two-man STUNTING and also coed STUNTING. Bases, flyers and backspots will focus on technique, balance, flexibility, body control, strength and conditioning and most importantly SAFETY!

If you are on a competitive squad or your school's cheer squad, bring your entire STUNTING group to polish your STUNTING skills or to tackle a STUNT section that is inconsistent. If you are trying out to be a collegiate cheerleader, this class is perfect for you! Come all-girl or coed STUNT with current and former collegiate cheerleaders, so you are confident and flying and basing with ease at tryouts. Get expert advice from current and former cheerleaders with many years of diverse experience at all levels. 

In order to guarantee a spot in this class, you must enroll.  If you would like to try the class, you must schedule in advance via email. All #1 STUNTER enrolled athletes must have a registration fee paid, a registration form filled out AND an "Account Guarantee" on file. Space is limited for SAFETY reasons and to ensure this class is efficient, since athletes will be flying and basing with HEC coaches.  If you are ready to slay the competition, steal the spotlight and shine on the sideline, email us TODAY!


*All ages are welcome

Team workout is Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Standing or Running BHS is recommended

This is the class you have been searching for!  If you want an intense cheer workout that includes all the aspects of cheerleading, this is it!!!  Even with the extended hours, this class is action packed! Tumbling, Stunting, Jumps, Motion Technique, Dance and Strength and Conditioning. SHOWTIME prepares you to be an all-around fabulous cheerleader.  

So you think you are a hot shot because you have your back handspring?  Well we think you are and if you do too, you are the perfect athlete for this team workout.  Because this is an exclusive class, you must have prior approval from HEC staff to join SHOWTIME.  Step up to the plate if you are ready to work hard! LIGHTS.. CAMERA.. ACTION! It's SHOWTIME baby!!!

Set up an appointment by emailing, or call the gym at (713) 464-1445.  After you make your appointment, come by the gym so we can evaluate your skill level. 


*All ages are welcome

Sundays 2:00 - 4:00 pm

 ALWAYS check the calendar before attending 

Fun! Fun! Fun! OPEN GYM is a time for athletes to focus on skills at their own pace in a laid back atmosphere. There is no structure to open gym. Staff will be available to spot tumbling. Stunting is not allowed. Nonmembers must fill out HEC's  "General Waiver Form" form in order to participate. The waiver can be found on the "Forms" section, and must be turned in before athletes enter the gym. Check our "Calendar" before attending OPEN GYM. 


Let Houston Elite Cheer be a part of your special day!

We love hosting BIRTHDAY PARTIES! HEC hosts BIRTHDAY PARTIES on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Each party is 60-120 minutes of jam-packed fun. HEC will provide structured games and minimal decoration including tablecloth, matching cups, napkins, plates and plastic utensils.  Party favors, goodie bags and special accomodations are available for an additional cost.

To reserve a birthday party at HEC, a $100 nonrefundable deposit must be made, and the "Houston Elite Cheer Birthday Party Agreement" must be completed.  Please inform staff of preferred party colors when making the reservation.  Come by the gym to make your reservation and obtain the waiver for all party participants. The "Forms" section has more information about birthday parties.  So let us help make your BIRTHDAY PARTY go out with a bang!  Call us at (713) 464-1445 or email for further details.

Back Handspring and Back Tuck Workshops are on the books! Visit our ”News” section for more details!

Makeup and trial classes must be scheduled with the front desk at least 24 hours in advance 

Remember, we require a written 30-day notice to drop ALL classes. 

Want to keep up with the latest HEC news and special events? Like our Facebook page "Houston Elite Cheer" and follow us on Instagram @houstonelitecheer

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